Marketing strategy & management workshop

The marketing vision was for a high quality, community-led, businesslike brand and the college had ambitious recruitment targets, but no overall marketing strategy, meaning that work was being conducted in a piecemeal fashion and not achieving the required impact.

The management team considered marketing an internal service and their focus was purely academic, with few considering themselves responsible for marketing the organisation. They felt the college’s marketing activity lacked innovation, repeating activities year after year.

What was needed was a process-driven approach to marketing, but something that went beyond the production of a strategic document and encouraged everyone to contribute to and commit to the new plan.

So, we conducted a comprehensive audit and went on to develop a marketing strategy, in consultation with members of the management team. Central to this was a management workshop, designed to develop their understanding of marketing and their related roles, comprising presentations and working groups.

The strategy was then refined to reflect workshop outputs and it was wholeheartedly endorsed by the Corporation and management team.


  • 33 quick wins were identified for enhancing current promotional activity
  • A further ten ideas were put forward for improvement
  • The strategy was wholeheartedly endorsed by the Corporation and management team
  • The principal felt the project had a significant impact on the team
  • Feedback was excellent, with people converted from an initial standpoint of not seeing marketing as their responsibility, to being enthused by the session and determined to contribute to the marketing effort

“I needed help quickly in developing a marketing strategy for my college. Liz arranged to come up and meet me within the week and talk to key stakeholders, then arranged a day to work with all managers and in no time at all produced an extremely comprehensive strategy that the Corporation were impressed with.

But it’s not just about getting the project completed, it is also about working relationships and Liz in her quest to be thorough was also very easy to work with.

I would highly recommend this company”




  • Categories: Education
  • Client: Lowestoft College