Providing online support

Epilepsy Action wanted to increase awareness and understanding of the condition through a website to support children and parents. It had to be well structured, engaging and interactive, whilst providing large amounts of information. Much of the existing content needed to be repackaged, but they were also keen to add new content to engage children and young people from diverse backgrounds, of all ages.

We produced initial wireframes, names and design ideas in response to their brief and then adjusted it in the light of web analytics and insight, comprising an online survey, promoted by Epilepsy Action’s ever-growing Facebook presence and telephone interviews with parents and young people.

The insight conclusion was that medical information is well catered for – the medical profession provides information at the point of diagnosis and many consultants and nurses refer patients to the Epilepsy Action websites as a reliable source of information. What was very much needed was emotional support and the active promotion of understanding among siblings and friends. Parents also wanted visual communication of information as much of the language around epilepsy was identified as confusing.

We developed a CMS-driven site, which enabled the client to quickly and easily update content, in order to reflect user needs. Graphics (produced by sister agency hey moscow) were used both to attract and engage young viewers and also deliver information visually in an understandable way.


  • Whilst the new site met the technical brief set out, the content was enhanced by our insight work and the emphasis shifted from information delivery to  peer support across the country
  • The sites generated over 14,000 unique visitors in the first six months, with users on average spending significant time on the site, consuming between nine and 15 pages per visit.

“I’ve got nothing but praise for the work put into our new children and young people’s websites.

The team were professional, imaginative, thorough and very easy to work with. They work very well with clients and with stakeholders – even though they have lots of experience, they’re eager to learn from them. For our project, they did interviews with parents and children in order to find out what our users wanted. Stakeholder involvement is a major part of their ethos.”




  • Categories: Health
  • Client: Epilepsy Action