Email campaign achieves 23% click-to-open rate and 17.6% shift in perceived value

October 17, 2014 / Case study / 0 Comments /

Earlier this year, we worked with the sector skills council for adult social care: Skills for Care, to raise the profile and status of the NMDS-SC (National Minimum Data Set for Social Care) among employers who can benefit from its use.

The social care sector ranges from large national organisations to small single establishments, so a segmented approach was critical to the success of this campaign. We looked at company size as well as current and historic use of the dataset to determine content. A pre-campaign survey also captured vital insights.

Having analysed the data, we developed a campaign plan and a social media strategy that would work with the campaign and in the future for this service. We then created video case studies, animations, written publications, website and social media content and produced an email marketing campaign, which achieved a 25% click-to-open rate against benchmarks of 8.81% (B2B services) and 12.43%( health). The employer benchmarking survey conducted pre and post campaign demonstrated a 17.6% shift in perceived value.

1. Content was geared to user behaviour and segments changed according to the topic across each of the three email campaigns. Further tailoring of content online enabled companies of different sizes to view information relevant to them.

2. We made hyperlinks and actions as clear as possible: by underlining all hyperlinks, adding a ‘play’ button to all videos and using a PDF icon for PDF downloads.

3. A clear call to action on the emails produced a far higher click through rate.

“We have been pushed to really think about our marketing, segmentation and materials. Upshot really got to grips with us and what we needed very quickly, which has allowed us to really take control of our marketing.

We have a learnt a lot about ourselves and our customers, what works and what doesn’t. Thanks to their work, we have been given a year’s worth of direction and that’s such good value for money.”

Elizabeth Edgar, Marketing Officer, Skills for Care

PPC campaign hits 14.4% conversion rate in 2.5 weeks

March 10, 2014 / Case study / 0 Comments /

Our PPC campaign for the very beautiful Surface Design Show achieved a 14.4% conversion rate.

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The 2.5 week campaign utilised Adwords search, Adwords display and LinkedIn.

Ongoing refinement resulted in a clickthru rate improving from 1.3% at launch to 5.3% two weeks later.