At Upshot we offer a comprehensive range of marketing services, spanning insight work, strategy, campaigns and digital.



No brand, campaign or website performs at its best without clear insight. And this is an area in which we truly excel.

If you'd like to drive marketing improvements, please find out more about our audit, insight and research services. Or call us to discuss how we can help.



We’re a results-focused agency so naturally, a sound strategy is vital to the work we do. We’re quick to spot opportunities, creative in our thinking and we add value quickly.

Read more about our expertise in branding, marketing strategy, content strategy and digital strategy.



We positively thrive delivering campaigns. Any channel (except TV, which we leave to the big kahunas), or all of them.

Our process varies according to needs, but always has four constituent parts – planning, execution, creative and meaningful measurement - explained in more detail here.



We’re based in Brighton – a SuperFused city that blends creativity, technology and innovation, so we have a tremendously talented pool of specialists, like app developers, on our doorstep.

Our main focus is producing sound digital strategies, websites, content and tactics, that together perform excellently.